Everything is the same as in Kosovo , Iraq, Libya; same rhetoric , same lies , same goals , but it is now Syria ‘s turn

04-09-2013 05:53:02 | | There Must be Justice/ mojenovosti.com |

The hysteria lasted ten days, and it was the first major media hoax against Serbs and Serbia , the first bucket of the media sewage dumped on Serbian heads. Later it turned out as an introduction to the breakup of Yugoslavia. The reasonable appeal and questioning from Belgrade, how could the poison affect only Albanians and not Serbs, Muslims , Turks and Roma who live, work, walk in the same street, in the same buildings, permises and in the same market, was ignored. The world already got the image they needed: the image of evil Serbs who poison good and helpless Albanians; and the picture has never changed. It passed throughout meridians; forms and signs, colors and races , but it is still very effective.


Racak;bodies of killed Albanian terrorists, Serbian policemen and few locals by the order of William Walker all dressed like Albanian civilians, – unveils Finnish Forensic expert Helena Ranta.

Chemical weapons usage as a reason for ” humanitarian intervention ” , – after Kosovo where it reached creschendo in 1999. - has also been activated in the case of Iraq . You remember , the whole world accepted the report of the American and British media that Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against his political opponents; another military assault of large international coalition, led by America had begun. It is said that ‘chemical weapons threaten the safety of American citizens’ . When the agony ended ( arrest and hanging of Saddam Hussein) it was silently announced that there was no a single piece of evidence that would strengthen the claim that Hussein used chemical weapons .

And now, the U.S. has not started the aggression on Syria yet, although this attack is cusacakprepaired in detail. It will include most likely cruise missiles and drones , same like they did inSerbia . Their plan is identical to the one applied in Kosovo: Americans will ‘work’ with their allies in the air and in logistics; the ‘Syrian KLA’ will be fighting on the ground, against President Bashar al -Assad and Syrian Arab Army. Why should the Americans attack Syria ? Because of chemical weapons , of course, that’ s what the official statement of Washington says.

Assad is said to have attacked his opponents with chemical weapon . As in the case of ” poisoning ” in Kosovo , there are children , the most vulnerable layer of every society, which the official Damascus , according to Western media , had ‘covered with ‘powder of death’. That’s why the world has to react. It cannot be tolerated! One day, when everything is over and the Western aim is achieved , ( in this case it is not yet certain what that exactly means) , we will be informed that there was no, and has never been, any chemical weapons in Syria and that Assad never used it;

As we remember so well , after destruction of Serbia and seizure of Kosovo and Metohija, information that the forensic report of the international commission headed by Helena Ranta (concerning the ” massacre of Albanian civilians ” in Racak by Serbian security forces), had been a plain forgery has discretely been unveiled; But that happened one decade after the aggression; so the lie served as a pretext for the military aggression on Serbia , with an intro performed in Rambouillet.

Ten years later Helena Ranta published a book where she claims that they never discovered bodies of Albanian civilians in Racak; what they found were bodies of Albanian terrorists, Serbian police members and few bodies of locals; but that they were all dressed in civilian clothes since William Walker odered to find “Albanian civilian victims only”; He heat Ranta twice with his pen, forcing her to sign the report of what he wanted….

Serbia , Syria, …. sounds almost the same .